At the moment FAME has partnered with the Program for Intellectual Empowerment (PIE) that serve children and adults with disabilities.  FAME’s main purpose is to be the fiscal agent for PIE.  FAME believes in the supporting educational advancements and methodologies that cultivate the mind and body of people with disabilities. The partnership between FAME and PIE was established to provide additional funding for PIE's growth and to advance the program's curriculum.



PIE is dedicated to educating and empowering children with disabilities. The children are in an interactive setting that allows them to flourish and become contributing members of the community. They are encouraged to be thinkers and problem solvers so they may achieve purposeful and independent lives as much as possible.  All proceeds from FAME directly benefit the children in these programs and their future.  PIE has been operating for a year now with 11 students.  The PIE community had initially raised $41,000 for start-up costs, including rent and staff salaries.  For the upcoming school year, PIE would like to add transportation for its students, which has been a hardship.

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