• For Autism Minds Everywhere (FAME) is intended to support and fund programs and organizations that enrich and aim to improve the lives of people with disabilities. 

  • At FAME we will always strive for the best methods, practices and treatment of people with disabilities. 

  • FAME hopes that by partnering and being able to financially support programs with the same desire the true change starts to take place. 

Detailed Budget for Proposed Project

For Autism Minds Everywhere (FAME) request of $60,000 is to help fund the 2019-2020 school year of Program for Intellectual Development (PIE).  A generous grant of $60,000 is to cover staff benefits and transportation.  Transportation is integral to PIE’s learning approach. The kids in our program have frequent engagement in the community which helps in the development of social and living skills. In addition, we wish to provide our employees with health and retirement benefits, which are critical for obtaining and retaining high quality educators

$40,000 for a 7 passenger bus/van, gas, insurance and maintenance costs

$20,000 for staff benefits

How will this benefit PIE? 

Transportation is a luxury that we take for granted. We take transportation when we take field trips. And though we try to rely on the bus system, sometimes the bus lines aren't as friendly as we would like. 

Being able to buy a big van to shuttle around the kids would allow us to explore our world more readily. 

  • More field trips across the city such as going apple picking 

  • Attend outdoor school 

  • Road trips to California or Washington

  • Pick up and drop offs 

  • Partnering with other schools and attending events with peers. 

  • Shopping trips to learn functional living skills 

  • learning to sit with friends and promotes communication with friends while sitting in the van. 

  • Serving the community such as volunteering the Oregon food bank as a class. 

  • Travel to organization to showcase our musical talents. 

Board of Directors

Pauline Lee

Founder and President of the Board

Limen Chang


Hillary Peck

Fundraising Director

Jane Williams


Cecilia Tsai 


Crosby Peck

Director of Corporate Relations

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