"Our job is not to fix the students but build them up to be better versions of themselves.” – Pauline Lee, P.I.E. Founder


The Program for Intellectual Empowerment (P.I.E.) serves to provide all students with disabilities the opportunities for neurobiological growth, academic prowess, the conceptualization of the world and social well-being. Our vision is to create an environment where students are educated within their learning system and challenged as contributing members of society

What sets us apart – Learning Beyond the Classroom

In our first year as a school, our students have accomplished the following :

●     hosted regular peer buddy visits

●     performed a play

●     planned/executed a Thanksgiving feast for 50 people

●     volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank

●     performed a concert at Pioneer Square

●     mailed care packages and letters to soldiers overseas

●     planted a tree for Earth Day

●     traveled to OMSI and other regular field trips

●     attended social gatherings on weekends

●     camped as a class overnight, away from parents

Their studies have included:

History lessons, researching our US presidents, human anatomy, physics of inclines/moving objects, multiple science projects, conceptualizing math and reading concepts, playing music together as an ensemble.

Our Dream For The Future:

2019-2020: Establish our own facility complete with gym space and creative arts. Transportation for students. Expand compensation for staff. Upgrade learning software and classroom technology. Grow enrichment activities. Create a scholarship fund.

2020-2023: Grow from 10 to ~34 students by adding 2 more classrooms, one for grades 4-6 and one for grades 2-3. Hire 2 lead teachers and 3 aides per classroom.

2023-2025: Launch an early intervention program for ages 0-5 utilizing the NsLLT methodology. Create a community living center complete with a café, business center, agriculture space and apartments for older students transitioning to adulthood. The community living center will enable these young adults to work and live there so they may become successful confident members of society.

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